Tied with a Bow: Aren’t Birthdays Fun? ;}

Tied with a Bow books

Welcome to Tied with a Bow, erotic novellas set against someone’s birthday. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received and does it stack up to these?




Jack and Debra:  happily married, everything is right in their world. They do it for each other and can’t imagine being happier. But Jack has a past. Oh, Debra knows about it—and she’s curious. So when a friend from that past blows into town, Jack decides to give both himself and his wife a very special gift.





Max and Nicole:  She’s had all her dreams come true—at the price of her marriage. Her husband wasn’t able to handle her success and left her wondering if what she’d worked so hard for was worth it. Enter her agent, Max, who convinces her that not only is it worth it, but she’s worth it, helping her celebrate her big night in every way she’s ever dreamed. Especially because she’s dreamed about it with Max.








Rock and Heather: Heather’s done celebrating birthdays the morning she wakes up alone on her 40th. Well, not quite alone—her best friend’s baby brother Rock (okay, he’s 33, but still, younger) is crashed on her sofa where he’s been for the last three months while his house is being built. She needed the rent money to make ends meet, he needed a room… it was a match made in heaven. But then she hears him dreaming about her and is faced with proof-positive that his thoughts could gain her admittance to the Cougar Club. Dare she go for a ride on the wild side?







The anthology of all 3 books if you want them quicker, tied together, and worth the cost.

And, sure, read any innuendo into that you want.


By ravenmorris

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